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Nov.23.01 this evening I put up some new banner's that you guy's can use when you take the graphics from my site! The one's before were just terrible. I also put alot of work getting a whole lot of graphics onto the site last night.
I'm alway's looking for more graphics and I will update every now and then, but not as often as before because of my new job. That's it for now, but I'll keep you guy's up to date if something else is worth posting up! Enjoy the site!

Nov.25.01 I added some more graphics. I know I have a very simple layout, but I wanted to spend more time on finding graphics than the design of the site for now. I'm going to be getting my own .com eventually, but that won't be for a little bit because I'm really to busy to work to much on a website right now. I'm probably also going to get a webring going for this site soon. People who have a cute anime site can add themselves to long as it's clean and viewable for ALL ages! That's it for now...Biya!


I finally had the time to create a webring for this site!
Today was my day off and I've been gone all day. Anyway's, if you've got a cute anime website, please feel free to join the webring. Remember, no one with bad language, porn or anything like that will be aloud to join. Enjoy guy's!


Ok, so I added another page just for you guy's! It's called
"Award For You." I made the award, but I don't take credit for the actual anime pic, because I found that one off the internet. Help yourself to the award and please remember to link it back to me. Also, if you could sign my guestbook
so I could find out who took one. :)


cherry3.jpg's getting so close to X-Mas and I haven't even started my X-Mas shopping.
Anyway's, I've got ton's more graphics that I can put on the site, but unfortunately with all the people visiting, no one is signing the guestbook. I don't think it's to much to ask when taking some of the graphics from the site.
So, if you would like to see new graphics up (really cute one's) please sign the guestbook. And don't forget to mention that you took one of my banners (but make sure you mean it)! Thanx!


OMG..I still haven't started X-Mas shopping. I'm way to busy with work and when I come home I'm to worn out. I think I'll start next week.
Anyway's, I've done some really great link exchanges so please feel free to go to my favorites links page after your done taking a good look over my page and after signing
my guestbook *wink wink*.
I've also got a few new banner's that I have to put up, for you to take and put on your site. I haven't added anymore graphics, because no one is signing the guestbook still and I know people are coming to my site since I've got over 500 hits. So, please out of respect and common curtisy take one of my banners and put it on your site if you take any graphics. Also sign the guestbook. Just say hi
or whatever else..but please..if you have something mean to say..keep it to yourself. I'll add tons more graphics when I start seeing some action..I promise. I've got some really great'll see! :)



Hiya Everyone. I thought of a couple good ideas for the website. First I was thinking of turning the main page into a blog format and just do updates on there. Second I was thinking of making a website graphics club. I'm not going to say anything about it, but I'm sure you guy's are going to love it! Blah...nevermind the clicky button on the main's messed up. I just have to fix it up. So, keep this page as a favorite and check back often to find out about the club.